Pricing/General Business Terms and Conditions

Registration for riding lessons
Registrations are considered according to the order of entry and to the age/riding abilities of the child.


Unique admission fee: CHF 50.00.



Costs per rally (2.5 hours): CHF 90.00/child; flat monthly fee: CHF 288.00

(32 weeks x CHF 90.00)/10 months = monthly fee of CHF 288.00

One year includes 32 teaching weeks.


Costs are billed monthly in advance and are payable until the first day of each month.


Excluded are the annual closing days of Ponyakademie and the official school holidays of the City of Zurich. During school holidays we offer a holiday programme for which the children have to be registered separately. Holiday offers are charged extra.
On public holidays the Riding Centre will open as usual.


There is no reduction or refund of fees if a child is absent due to illness, holidays etc.
In case of accident or ongoing illness special agreements can be made.


Payment options
The monthly fees are payable in advance until the first day of each month (e.g. the fees for May must be received in our account no later than the first of May).
If we have to send you an overdue notice, a fee of CHF 10.- will apply. For delayed payments we charge debit interest of 10% p.a.


Late payments
If two or more payments per calendar year are late for more than two days, we reserve the right to cancel the contract without written notice.


Place guarantee
There is no guarantee for a place in the Riding Centre. Ponyakademie makes every effort to find another place/appointment in case of timetable changes etc. However, this is not always possible.


There are no cancellation periods. However, lessons that have already been paid are not refundable.
Of course we appreciate if you inform us as early as possible.


Cancellations without prior notice by Ponyakademie
If parents or children disregard our rules (e.g. repeated rough handling of the horses or inconsiderate behaviour towards the other children, unpaid bills) Ponyakademie has the right to cancel the contract without prior notice.


Annual closing
Due to the weather conditions, Ponyakademie will be closed from December until the end of February.


It is compulsory to wear a certified riding helmet.
It is also compulsory to wear appropriate pants, riding gloves and solid, ankle-high boots with heels.
Wearing a protective vest is not obligatory but recommended.
We recommend our students to have a tetanus vaccination.
Ponyakademie does not provide riding helmets. Students who do not bring a helmet will not ride.


Insurance / Liability
Ponyakademie disclaims all liability.
Accident insurance is the responsibility of the riding student and must include additional coverage for equestrian sports.
Every participant needs private liability insurance which includes the supplement “Schäden an gemieteten oder geliehenen Pferden und Sattelzeug” (damage to rented or borrowed horses, including riding equipment).


In case of an emergency we will take your child to the children’s hospital or a doctor, depending on the situation, and will inform you right away.
All costs incurred in such emergencies are at the expense of the parents.


Legal domicile
The legal domicile is Zurich.


General Business Terms and Conditions of Ponyakademie
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