The Ponyakademie-Team

Barbara Passerini

Director of Ponyakademie

Dipl. SinTakt® Reitlehrerin


Gives lessons every Sunday


My most important instructors:

Doris Süess - SinTakt Training Centre

Richard HinrichsClassical Equitation
Andrea SchmitzClassical Equitation
Ruth GiffelsClassical Equitation

Linda Tellington-Jones – TT.E.A.M.-Method

Christine Werder

Gives lessons every Friday


Studied social sciences and educational theory


Experience with horses:


Former member of a four-part competition (dressage, jumping, swimming and running)

Several horses to train

National and International carriage-driving-competitions

Classical Equitation

Three months vacation in Portugal with Nuno Baptista

plus 3 additional riding instructors whose introductions will follow.