Horseback riding lessons

We offer quality horseback riding lessons on horses and ponies. Our main concern is to train the children and teenagers in the proper care and handling of horses (Horsemanship), to urge them to look after the ponies in a correct manner and to teach them an understanding of species-appropriate husbandry.

During our horse riding lessons we teach the foundations of classical dressage and also integrate jumping and mounted games for children, which provide a playful way to put newly learnt skills into practice.

The group size for each lesson is limited to 6 children and 4 ponies. We therefore form at least two groups for every rally, which successively receive a lesson of 20 to 40 minutes.

By “horse riding lesson” Ponyakademie understands the following activities on and with horses:

  • Work under the saddle (actual horseback riding) freely or on the lead rein, depending on the age and ability of the child.
  • Natural Horsemanship (collective term for horse-friendly ground work)
  • Work in hand (practising lateral movements and other gymnastic exercises at hand)
  • Work on the lunge
  • Mounted games
  • Walks with ponies
  • Work on the horse (stretching, massages, TTouches)
  • Theoretical lessons about horses


Another aim is to communicate team spirit and sportsmanship and to ensure fair play towards humans and animals.


All riding instructors are fluent in English. The lessons however are normally held in German, though sometimes there is the possibility of adapting the language (English, French, Italian).