Our Training Concept

The Ponyakademie has adapted the basic idea of "The Pony Club".  Like this traditional English equestrian organisation, which is the largest in the world, we aim to familiarise the children and teenagers with the world of horses.

Our highly skilled horseback riding instructors as well as our motivated, well trained horses in combination with "The Pony Club’s" training concept, which is designed for children and teenagers, provide an excellent basis for unique learning experiences.

We encourage our students to become members of "The Pony Club".
Our teaching units run for a total of 2.5 hours and are called rallies. For lessons on or with the horses, which last for 20 to 40 minutes, we divide the participants into two or three groups. Due to the smaller group size, the lessons can be structured across different stages and individually adapted to every child.

The children are in professional hands at all times. Beside the horse riding lessons, there is enough room for exciting and day-to-day experiences with the horses and for learning from each other.


We are looking forward to teaching enthusiastic and motivated students who strive to learn in a relaxed environment about respectful handling of their partner the horse and interaction within the team.